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Erik Dungan August 23, 2012 Bigfolio / Billing

If your website is running an old version (pre-2011) of our CMS, complete this form to begin upgrading to a new design and our latest CMS. You'll have access to all the latest features (social media, mobile site, video galleries and more). 

Charlie Ussery December 01, 2010 Bigfolio / Announcements

All tickets are answered the same day they are received (except holidays and weekends) and during business hours it can be as quick as within the hour we receive them. If you don't get an answer check back using your ticket number to see the response. Some tickets go to spam or can be blocked by email programs.

Charlie Ussery August 17, 2010 Bigfolio / Announcements

Welcome to our new support system! If you're looking for an answer, you've found the right place to look. Our Knowledge Base has tons of articles on how to use all of our products. Simply enter your question into the search field above or on the right. If you can't find a solution, submit a request and a member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible.


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